"Harnessing the power of the adaptive and innate immune systems"


At a glance


Tusk Therapeutics is a privately-held, immuno-oncology company, focused on discovering and developing unique therapeutic antibodies that harness the power of the immune system for the treatment of cancer. ​

The Company has established a growing, diversified pipeline of antibodies against a selection of both novel and validated targets that play an important role in the immune response to cancer. The Company’s programmes target the tumour microenvironment and exert their action through modulation, activation and/ or depletion of these immune cells.
Tusk has a world-class leadership team as well as outstanding scientific advisors, including top immuno oncology researchers, and the team has extensive biotech and pharma experience in antibody discovery and drug development, with a track record of bringing drugs from early stage discovery through to approval.

The Company is based at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst in Stevenage UK.


Developing novel immune modulating cancer therapeutics based on an in-depth understanding of the innate and adaptive immune system


Products & Pipeline


CD25 is a Treg depleting agent in-licensed from UCL & CRUK. CD25 has shown convincing pre-clinical in vivo proof of concept data, both as a monotherapy and in combination with PD-1 and PDL-1. ​

CD38 is a novel immune checkpoint and is being considered as an important backbone of future immuno-oncology therapies next to the current PD1/PDL1 products on the market. Initial applications have been developed very successfully for multiple myeloma, and Tusk’s focus is on broadening the target's application into solid tumor indications.

Novel targets
Tusk is validating novel targets in the immuno-oncology space.


Partners & Collaborators


News & Events



To discuss potential collaborations with Tusk Therapeutics, or to arrange a meeting at any of the conferences listed below, please contact our business development team.


  • Biotech Investment Showcase - 22-23 May 2018 - London
  • ASCO Annual Meeting - 1-5 June 2018 – Chicago
  • BIO International Convention - 4-7 June 2018 - Boston
  • CRI-CIMT-EATI- AAC Conference on Immunotherapy - 30 Sept - 3 Oct 2018 - New York
  • BIO Europe - 5-7 Nov 2018 - Copenhagen
  • SITC - 7-11 Nov 2018 - Washington
  • PEGS Europe - 12-18 Nov 2018 - Lisbon
  • EORTC-NCI-AACR 13-16 Nov 2018- Dublin



Tusk is a fast growing, fast paced, international biotechnology company. We are always seeking talented people, so if you are interested in joining Tusk you can contact us at: